She is old, but she runs like new. She is rusty, but strong. She has holes, but always do the job. She doesn’t look so good, but is reliable. She has some balance problems, but can go really fast. She is called wheelbarrow, but she is so much more.And the best thing is she has been working with a lot of masters of construction that … Continue reading She

Morning factor

What makes a morning great. Is it a fresh start from a good night sleep maybe fresh delicious coffee or your favorite song. Perhaps a look through the window on a rising sun maybe a partner saying he or she loves you or your pet wagging his tail, who could tell. For me almost everything from above. There is a saying; you can tell how … Continue reading Morning factor

Imagination, rocks, forward, rules, … my daily walk

Sometimes you don’t have to go far to turn off the sounds of city and just enjoy the silence and nature. This here is an abandoned industrial area in my town and lately nothing is going on here except maybe some running, walking, hiking, dogs, photography, drones, bikes, etc but I like this activities and am happy that such areas still exist. Some things are … Continue reading Imagination, rocks, forward, rules, … my daily walk


I miss the past. It’s simply hard not to think about the good old times about 10 years back. I know one should live in the present and look forward for future but it’s fucking hard. The level of daily energy is low and falling. I am still looking for solutions how to get this positive energy to a higher level. But ideas just don’t … Continue reading Past